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      Jingzhou Yushi Plastic Co., Ltd. is located in Jingzhou, Hubei Province, one of the four famous waterproof towns, founded in 2009 with registered capital of50 million RMB. It is a scientific and technological plastic film enterprise, which serves waterproof membranemanufacturers, integrates R&D, production and sales. The company has advanced technology, annual production and sales of various types of waterproof film more than 5000 tons...


      Application Field

      We are raw material supplier
      Waterproof material
      Waterproof material
      Waterproofing membrane is mainly usedvarious types of waterproofing used various membrane, such as high-grade self-adhesive waterproofing membrane, SBS waterproofing membraneother waterproofing membraneother
      Packaging materials, anti-tear packaging for children, explosive packaging, chemical packaging, anti-theft blister packaging, export commodity transport packaging bags, building waterproof materials, moisture-proofvapor-proof packaging bags rust-proof me
      Industrial packaging
      Industrial packaging
      Industrial packaging, export products, crates, military packaging, anti-corrosive packaging, aviationwelding rod’s packaging
      Printing material
      Printing material
      Printing material, aviation tags, postal tags, outdoor boardroad signs, automobile airbag tags, RFID tag materials, in-film tags, wristbands etc.

      products center

      Why choose yushi plastic?

      New national standard New taechnique
      Powerful R&D team
      Standardized management
      First-class after sales service

      01Developed strong cross laminated film0.08mm with 4 times stretching firstly in China

      0.08mm thick strong cross-membrane meets the new national standard E and H standards at the same time.
      The thinner the film is.the tighter the coil box is. and the smaller the rigidity of the coil box is. This is where the irregular plane and corner are in the construction process.
      It s easier to combine. and it s not easy to fall off for a long time. Price advantage. on the premise of guaranteeing quality. saves 0.1-0.2 yuan per square meter.
      Its a big advantage. 0.08mm cross-membrane can help you do it.

      News center

      Customized process

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